Birmingham local elections: what do candidates think about walking, wheeling* and cycling?

In the run up to the local elections in Birmingham on Thursday 5 May, Sustrans, along with Pushbikes and Better Streets for Birmingham, has asked all candidates from the largest represented parties standing standing for election to let voters know what they think about key active travel issues.

* Use of wheelchairs (manual and electric) and mobility scooters.
People walking and cycling

On Thursday 5 May, people in Birmingham will vote for local councillors to represent them.

Elected councillors will be responsible for implementing solutions to meet many social and environmental challenges during the next four years and beyond.

These issues include traffic congestion, illegal levels of air pollution, ill health, low levels of physical activity, and the urgent need to drastically reduce climate-wrecking emissions.

With this in mind, we think it’s important that voters know where candidates stand on key active travel and environmental issues that will affect them.

So we asked candidates in Birmingham’s 69 wards four questions about their ambitions for walking, wheeling and cycling in their ward.

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